Storage Software

Distributed data storage systems S3, iSCSI, NFS, SMB up to 144 controllers



  • • Unified file system

  • • Data deduplication helps reduce the storage capacity required for the same amount of data
  • • Data deduplication detects and eliminates redundant data during writing
  • • Block-level deduplication with 4K blocks (supports all protocols)
  • • Minimal impact on the performance of the storage system
  • • Fully transparent to applications

  • • B-REPL enables asynchronous communication over Ethernet network
  • • With this technology, you will be able to view recorded data from any control module within the cluster

  • • The built-in cache has a capacity of 20GB, which is sufficient to achieve high speed for data writing and reading

  • Our team has developed a unique file system that provides high-speed data access via the NFS protocol

  • • Enhanced performance of the storage system for NL-SAS disks
  • • Data compression during writing

  • • Support for ISCSI and NFS protocols enables users to access stored information in the system at both the block and file level

  • • The S3 protocol enables object-based access to files stored in the storage modules
  • • Also, the S3 protocol facilitates interaction with the client workstation for data exchange

Software tech support

The below document stablishes conditions and the order for hardware and software tech support for our products


BAUM SWARM AI is designed to provide customers with access to stored data via file and object protocols. The system consists of dedicated servers, including control modules responsible for distributing and processing data within the system, and storage modules responsible for writing, reading, and optimizing stored data.
The control modules cache data, distribute them among the available storage modules, and remember the mapping of written files to blocks located on the storage modules' disks. Redundancy algorithms are used in the system to achieve fault tolerance, where a file can have different levels of redundancy configured. The fault tolerance of the controllers is achieved through their clustering.

The software is not intended for free use. The software costs is determined by required functionality of the storage system, allowing for the selection of an optimal configuration for any customer's needs. For pricing inquiries, please send a request to the email address -

BAUM SWARM AI - Certificate of state registration of computer program No. 2021613150 dated March 3, 2021, Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases - registration record serial number: 11118.


The developer can guarantee proper operation of the software only after its installation and configuration by a trained service engineer. Therefore, the software is not intended for installation by end users.


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